First off I would like to thank the makers of this site.

I just started collecting cels from the movies and TV shows that I have grown to love. I have been a huge anime fan for quite some time but had never gotten into cel collecting until recently. Needless to say my collection is in its infancy and any suggestions and tips would be greatly appreciated.

Please note that I really have been collecting for a VERY short time so take that into account when looking at my gallery but I should have my collection fleshed out in no time at all. If you have any questions for me, need any copies of backgrounds please let me know and I will get scans out to you but please do not take or reproduce any of the cels, sketches, or other art without my permission. Also if you would like to buy, trade, or sell me cels please shoot me an email.

I created this gallery and started collecting because of my love for Anime and art and this site allows me to view my collection without having to break it out every time .I hope within time to have an amazing gallery like the ones I see on here and I hope you enjoy the artworks in my collection as I do in other galleries.

Thank You!!

News & Updates

3/27/2013Just got 17 guyver cels in that I hope to upload soon, Just uploaded a nice multi layer thundercats cel, and I am getting 5 production sketches/drawings from GI Joe Resolute today as well!!!!!!!!!!!
2/26/2013Yea!!!! Just got in a new Guyver Pan Cel last night!!! I wasn't expecting it to be so awesome or framed!!!!
1/16/2013Yeah!!! Getting a real nice AAA Quality Vampire Hunter D cel that will be uploaded pretty soon and a couple of other cels from VHD (just wish they had backgrounds). I also noticed that in some of my cel pictures it looks like finger prints or smudges on them. I will try to upload them without those. Collecting is really expensive.
12/27/2012Aeon Flux now open.

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Aeon Flux 1/15/2013
GI Joe Resolute 4/2/2013
Guyver 3/15/2013
He-Man 1/21/2013
Spice and Wolf 1/14/2013
Thundercats 3/27/2013
Vampire Hunter D 2/13/2013

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